Sikako | Powerful Movies to CPA


Sikako | Powerful Movies to CPA
The most powerful software to generate thousands of movies from IMDB and can be directly uploaded to all blog accounts that you have with the Sikako auto poster feature. No need to bother creating content and arranging CPA offer links. With just one click you can create hundreds or even thousands of movie content that contains CPA offer links. How are you curious?

Demo Video Sikako | Powerful Movies to CPA

Demo Blogspot:

Demo Overblog:

Features Sikako:

  • Fast movie scraper
  • Easy user interface
  • Multitasking
  • Autopost to Blogspot, WordPress (Hosted, Self Hosted), and Overblog
  • Spintax Title: Coming soon.
  • Proxy Support (Coming soon)
  • Scrape by keyword
  • Content template
  • Operating System: Min Windows 7 and up
  • Lifetime License and Free Update
  • Money-back guarantee
Frequently Asked Questions

A: What is the maximum number of posts I can scrape ?.

B: There are no restrictions.

A: What is the maximum number of articles posted per day ?.

B: There are no limits for WordPress and Overblog, but for bloggers, there is a limit for posting articles to a maximum of 50 posts per day for each blogger account owned.

A: How long can I continue to use the Sikako software ?.

B: There is no time limit, just once the payment you can use the Sikako software forever (lifetime license).

A: What is the update for?

B: Yes, you don't need to pay for software updates (Free Update). Every update or software update, you will be notified via the group. Updates will be sent via email when the software is ready to be released.

A: What stable software on Windows OS?

B: Currently stable on Win 10 64/32 Bit OS, For Win 7 there may be some that cannot be opened so it is recommended to use Windows 8 or Windows 10.
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Sikako | Powerful Movies to CPA

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